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The word "internship" has a variety of connotations. Many people wonder whether being an intern means that you are a volunteer rather than getting paid, and whether you perform substantive work or just fetch coffee. The reality is that it depends. With so many internships out there, an internship can be practically any experience that combines learning with hands-on activity. Internships can be paid or unpaid, full- or part-time, and short- or long-term. Internships can be formal programs with lengthy application procedures or informal opportunities that you seek out. No matter what, an internship offers you the opportunity to acquire practical skills in a structured environment.

As an intern, your environment should be characterized by the chance to: bond with a mentor; attend organizational meetings; shadow staff working in various functions; perform research or analysis; take ownership of a specific project; and receive training specific to your field of interest.

A two-month summer internship in an organization in between the third and fourth trimesters is part of the programme with three (3) credits. The credit is accounted in the sixth trimester.