Admission 2019-2020

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Learning every aspects of academic and social life through real life experiences and there by enhancing the personal as well as professional growth.

Different Clubs

  • FineArts–‘Euphoria’
  • Social–‘Dharma’
  • Entrepreneurship Club-‘I2A’
  • Sports–‘Khelsangh’
  • Investors Club-‘Pinnacle’
  • To create professional awareness with respect to various functional aspects of an organization through real life experiences.
  • To provide a platform for the fine arts among the students to nurture different talents like painting, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, photography, film makingetc
  • To establish social commitment through harmonious relationwiththesociety.
  • To promote sportsman spirit of the students through activeinvolvementinvariousgames.

  • Helps to promote education and awareness about the field/subject through activities.
  • Gives a feeling of closeness to other members and therebycreateteamspirit.
  • Helps in behaviour modelling of the students to find out the hidden talents and provide an opportunity for the mto progress.
  • To rejuvenate the students and make them feel engaged.


“Only a life lived for others is a life worth- while” Socialworkisaprofessionalandacademicdisciplinethatseekstoimprovethequalityoflifeandsubjectivewell-being ofindividuals.Socialservicegroupwithitsmissionstatementofmakingdifferencestothesocietyhasbeenfunctional in providing managerial, financial as well as organizational assistance to various self help groups and grassroots communityinitiativesandorganizingnumerousactivitiesatThrissurandPalakkadinordertoempowerdevelopmental initiativesinthecityaswellasstrengthenthenetworkofsocietyresponsibleindividualsandcorporateinthesociety.


ThisprogrammewasconductedatNSMonAugust26th2016withthesupportandco-operationfromthefacultyand thestudents.ThisinitiativewasconductedinassociationwithkidneyfoundationofIndia.ObjectiveoftheProgramme wastopromotethestudentstodonateorganandunderstandtheimportanceoforgandonation.Theenthusiasmof the students and faculty for participation in the organ donation camp was highly encouraging. More than 1400 applicantswerewillingtodonatetheirorgans.

CSR Initiative at NSM

Social club at NSM (Dharma) - As part of nurturing our management students into complete citizens, they are encouraged and guided to pick out opportunities for social service activities from the environment around them. Such self-less, socially committed activities are expected to transform their lives and stand them in good stead when their values and ethos are challenged in their future careers.

The budding managers of the institute have taken up the bonus of feeding the stray cows that wander around the area.Thestudentshaveevenbegungrowinggrassinthecollegecampus.Thegrassisthentransportedtoalocation nearalocaltemple,wherethecowsgatherintheevenings.Thestudentswerebeingencouragedtotakepartinthe venture, particularly because an initiative like this would help develop character in a world that was increasingly becomingself-centric.ThecollegeisalsotakingupETincampusinitiatives.